Wide Receiver Top Priority for Eagles in the Draft?

Chip Kelly & Desean JacksonWith the release of DeSean Jackson, the Philadelphia Eagles now find themselves with an interesting dilemma come draft day. Going into the offseason, Wide Receiver was a position of strength on the team, the re-signings of Riley Cooper & Jeremy Maclin helped emphasize that. However, Maclin is coming back after a year off from a severe knee injury, veteran wideout Jason Avant was not brought back, and while Cooper had a standout 2013 season, he may be viewed as more of a #2 than a #1 WR. Even with the threat of newly acquired Darren Sproles as a receiver, the Eagles cannot fully depend on him to fill the void left by Jackson. Depth is also a concern with veteran Brad Smith being the only real viable option.

So that poses the question: Do the Eagles use their first round draft pick on a wide receiver? Most “experts” believe that the Eagles need to address the defensive side of the ball in the draft, which is not unreasonable, as the Eagles could use help at Defensive End and Inside Linebacker, and more depth in the secondary. The good news is that those particular defensive positions have considerable depth throughout this year’s draft. Wide Receiver is a deep position as well, although finding that top-flight NFL-ready wide receiver could be tough. WR Clemson University

Many football fans, yours truly included, consider Sammy Watkins of Clemson to be the top wideout in the draft. He has good height and speed and his productivity in college is undeniable. The next top options are Mike Evans of Texas A&M and Marqise Lee of USC. Evans is not a burner, but is a big target and Lee has a lot of potential to become an impact player. The problem for the Eagles is that all three of these players will more likely be gone by the time they pick. Watkins is viewed as a top 10, possibly top 5 pick, and Evans & Lee are projected to be gone before the 20th pick.

If the Eagles want any one of these guys they will have to trade up. But do they have the luxury of making that move. As badly as they need a wide receiver, the Eagles are not one player away from the Super Bowl. They could stand pat at the #22 position and wait for players like Jordan Matthews of Vanderbilt, Kelvin Benjamin of Florida State or Odell Beckham, Jr. of Louisiana State to fall to them. None of them may have the high marks as the other top receivers, but they are solid projects with potential to be starting material.

Jordan Matthews VanderbiltOdell Beckham LSUKelvin Benjamin Florida State

Head Coach Chip Kelly has shown everyone that he is the man in charge, and he is continuing to mold this team into how he sees it best. He has a big task in front of him with taking the Eagles from the basement to the top in just one season. The fans are eager to see what he can do in just his second year. Replacing a productive and popular player like DeSean Jackson will not be easy. Come draft day, will Kelly make that bold move to get that one player to bring more excitement to his offense, or does he wait it out for that player that nobody is talking about? We shall see. It’s been a very entertaining offseason for the Eagles, and with what has happened in the past hours, it will only get more exciting.

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WR Desean Jackson Released by Philadelphia Eagles | Livestream Fan Discussion

It’s official and came as a shock to Eagles fans everywhere. We knew it was coming but there was no way we could prepare for the moment when we just let one of our best players go for absolutely nothing! The video below is a livestream discussion with MaddenG4D & my subscribers who were leaving me comments & questions. Feel free to add to the discussion by leaving your comments on how you feel about the Eagles releasing Desean Jackson.

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Chip Kelly Press Conference at NFL Coaches Breakfast | Eagles

For those that missed it, Chip Kelly is asked about Desean Jackson, Mark Sanchez and any other rumors the Media has been feeding on lately Chip Kelly Meets with Press at NFL Coaches Breakfast

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Super Bowl XLVIII – Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks | Predictions

I invited die-hard Broncos fan @BrandonPerna to give ya’ll the perspective from a fan who’s team actually made the Super Bowl. Here’s our predictions:

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Bad Lip Reading NFL features many Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles featured: Trent Cole, Lane Johnson, Todd Herremans, Mychal Kendricks, Demeco Ryans, Lesean McCoy, and Jason Kelce. Enjoy!

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FootBall & Alcohol – Eagles Victory Anthem

Song was written, produced, & performed by @Maxximillian (youtube.com/maxximillianTV)Fans Against Violence

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#GreenHole Tailgate

Only a few more days until Eaglesnation takes over the Oakland Coliseum!! Woo hoo, I have been working nonstop to get things ready & to get you all the info that you need to know. Please makes sure you watch ALL the videos below to get all the details including my phone # to reach me on game day :) Fans Against Violence has given me early access to the parking lot and has reserved a spot for us to set up. I will be posting 2 more videos today of our exact tailgate location so please SUBSCRIBE to stay in the loop so you don’t miss out on gameday!


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Pong-O Giveaway!

In spirit of the Eagles at Raiders tailgate that is coming up November 3. This week’s Easy Pickem prize is sponsored by Pong-O.com. Pong-O has taken one of your favorite beer drinking games and made it even better! Inspired by your typical beer pong game, but Pong-O is a new & improved version of the game. Watch the video below to see Pongo-O in action and see a clear explanation of the rules.

When I saw this game, I immediately knew it would be perfect for any tailgate. The custom stand and some keg cups is all you need. It’s easy to transport and doesn’t require much space. So if you are looking to step up your party drinking games to the next level then you gotta check out Pong-O.com.


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Marcus Vick Tweet Calls Eagles Fans #DumbMotherF******s

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My Appearance on The Young Turks “TYT Sports” Panel

I was invited to talk NFL with one of my favorite sports channels, TYTsports!  Below are some of the video clips where I gave my input on Eagles vs Cowboys, Texans vs Chiefs, Patriots vs JetsRedskins vs Bears, and 49ers vs Titans.  You can scope out all their sports videos at YouTube.com/TYTsports.

Let me know what you thought in the comments :)

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