Let the Trash Talk Begin!

A subscriber (who happens to be an Atlanta Falcons fan) has challenged me to a bet for Sunday’s game.  His original Challenge video will be underneath my video in this post.

Subscriber TheBamaTye is an Atlanta Falcons fan and has challenged me to a bet if Philadelphia Eagles lose.

– In response to your challenge video, I accept your challenge, and will bet you in return. You look like a “manly” beer drinker so for this bet i’m gonna make u do the opposite. For every score, touchdown or field goal, you must drink an Eagle-tini. What you’ve never heard of an Eagletini? Well let me show you how to make one.

  • You are going to need some Michael Vick Vodka, which is 100 proof representing the 100 yards he will be rushing on your falcons defense
  • And for today’s uniforms we’ll be wearing the Midori green to match my desean jackson jersey
  • And I even got some Natty Ice (natural ice) in honor of Matty Ice, Matt Ryan’s nickname, and we can go ahead and pour that on the floor because we all know that beer is garbage just like Matty ice’s performance in the playoffs last year?
  • All you have to do is add 3 oz of each liquor to represent the 3 touchdowns Michael Vick will be scoring during the game.
  • And finally add a splash of Pro Bowl Pineapple, for all the Philadelphia Eagles that will be going to Hawaii this year for the Pro bowl game.

Once you’ve made your drink, if the Atlanta Falcons lose and Philadelphia Eagles win, you will have to take a shot for every score the Philadelphia Eagles make.

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2 Responses to Let the Trash Talk Begin!

  1. Your “Eagle-tini” probably has waaaaaaaaaay more alcohol than any lousy beer! BTW, I loved when you poured that can on the ground, hilarious.

  2. Your Sis says:

    Hilarious! You go girl! Eagles! Eagles! How come I haven’t had one of those drinks yet? Hey, you better be getting some $ for all the advertising you are doing for these companies. ha ha!

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