Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons Post Game Analysis

  • Vlog 6 – Eagles Falcons Post Game Analysis Ok, so i’m officially depressed….Cant believe my Eagles lost, and even worse our key starters: Michael Vick, Desean Jackson, Rogers-Cromartie and Asante Samuel suffered injuries during the game.
    • We started out a little slow which seems to be expected, but around the 3-4 possession our offense started to pick up some momentum and was moving the ball well. Things were looking good on offense and defense but had some HUGE mistakes.
    • Michael Vick’s fumble at 1st and Goal during the 2nd quarter, Was really the turning point in the game. Which wasn’t his fault, O-line missed a block. Had we scored on that drive it would have given us a comfortable lead. This turnover switched the momentum and kept things close.
    • Late 3rd quarter Michael Vick left game w/ concussion.
    • If Michael Vick was in the in the game we would’ve won, that being said we can’t just put it on Mike Kafka. Our defense allowed 2 late scoring drives.
    • Even losing Michael Vick, if Jeremy Maclin made that catch on 4th and 4, we win without Michael Vick!
    • Gonzalez was clutch, and attacked the weak part of our defense in the middle, many times beating our safety. I still think he lost a step, but apparently he’s still got enough to be ahead of our defense.
    • Injuries hurt us really bad, Vick, Samuels, Cromartie, Jackson. Our players gotta be healthy in order to win football games.
    • The packers won with a lot of injuries, last year but they still had their all pro quarterback. You have to have your quarterback to win games.
    • I have questions about Mike Kafka from the preseason, but he did all that was asked of him. Made all his throws, even landed that deep to pass to Jeremy Maclin?
    • 1st quarter we looked like we didn’t have a chance, 2nd quarter the offense had turnovers that hurt us, 3 we controlled started to control the game, 4th quarter we let them back in and barely lost the game.
    • Was up with Dunta Robinson? He came at us again with another illegal hit, this time Jeremy Maclin was the victim. My biggest concern right now is all the injuries that were sustained by our players. I hope they will be ok and it doesn’t affect us in our game next week against the Giants. I will take a loss to the falcons, but not a loss to the New York Giants.
    • How do you guys feel about our back up quarterbacks? Who would you rather have as a back up Vince Young or Mike Kafka?
    • Every loss hurts, but we have to remember that it’s early in the season and we ALMOST pulled off a win with our 3rd string quarterback.  I just hope our injured players will be ok :-(


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