Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants – Post Game Week 3

New players, but same old Eagles! I’ve been receiving requests for more pictures, therefore I posted a couple more of me in my game day outfit, you can check them out in the Gallery.

Vlog 8- Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants Post Game Analysis

  • First of all, I’m glad I didn’t take any bets this week. Who would have thought that the New England Patriots would lose to the Buffalo Bills and the Philadelphia Eagles would lose to the New York Giants? That’s the NFL for ya, another crazy week and another week with that awful feeling of uncertainty about the Philadelphia Eagles. We go through this every year, but I was hoping this year would be different. Guess not
  • What I want to know is, why do we keep turning the ball over in the Red Zone. Again this wasn’t Michael Vick’s fault, Steve Smith missed the catch and handed the ball over to his former team mates.
  • Michael Vick came back too soon, you could practically see the cartoon birds and stars flying around his head. And now he’s even more banged up, not a good situation. The game we won is the only game Michael Vick finished, the other two games Michael Vick left us with lead but our defense let us down. With Michael Vick playing well for the entire game we can beat any team in the NFL
  • The New York Giants first scores were embarrassing to say the least, Casey Matthews got burned. Then Kurt Coleman missed the tackle against Victor Cruz twice, and managed to knock down Nnamdi Asomugha all in the same play. As a safety, there is no excuse for Kurt Coleman not wrapping up and making that tackle, holding them to a short gain .
  • I’m still not sold on Juan Castillo. All this talent and the defense is still giving up big plays. It was all about the fundamentals, and we lacked the ability to make those key tackles. All our safeties missed huge tackles. So who do you blame the players or the coach? Are our players just not capable, or is it positioning and play calls.
  • Thank God for LeSean McCoy, but we can’t rely solely on him.
  • Can someone please tell me when will the Philadelphia Eagles start executing in the Red Zone? We were stood up at the goal line, how do you not score at 1st and 1 when you have one of the best mobile quarterbacks in the league. It might be a result of having smaller lineman this year. If we wanna go all the way we have to be able to convert in those situations and make better play calls. Hopefully Howard Mudd, Marty Morningweg and Andy Reid can get this fixed.
  • What I really don’t understand is some of the play calls that were made. Why did we go for it at 4th and 1, in midfield. If we couldn’t get it at the goal line just moments before, why risk giving the New York Giants great field position. Also, when Mike Kafka came in during 4th quarter, we still had 8 minutes left on the clock. Why go for the big throw so quick, especially since Mike Kafka was coming in cold and doesn’t have a big arm. We had plenty of time to dink and dunk down the field to take the lead, which plays into Mike Kafka’s style anyway. But instead we go big and turn the ball over. Then when we needed to go for big plays, Philadelphia Eagles decide to go for the short passes at the end of the game which cemented our loss.
  • Missed tackle, after missed tackle, after missed tackle. Let’s get those fundamentals guys!!
  • This loss is obviously frustrating but as an Eagles fan I’m so used to having them not consistently play to their potential. What I can count on is them picking up stride towards mid season, so now is not the time to worry. If they are still performing like this after the bye week than I will be concerned.
  • New York Giants can enjoy the win for now, but we saw a lot of good teams lose this week like the New England Patriots and New York Jets. We’ll see who ends up in the playoffs. I’m gonna brush this one off and keep my faith in the team that I know my Eagles can be.
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  1. What a bummer to hear about another loss. Dear Eagles, stop making Dehlia frown!

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