Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants: Do or Die!

This Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles go to NY to face the New York Giants. A loss this week means a horrible Death for the Philadelphia Eagles season and probably a Death to Andy Reid’s term here in Philly.

The New York Giants are a terrible home team, they play better on the road. They usually play down to competition, like when they played the Seattle Seahawks. Last time we played and it was pretty close and Philadelphia Eagles had the lead until the 4th quarter. Like most games, the game was pretty close, for the first 45 minutes. With Michael vick’s performance last week and rib injury who do you want being our quarterback this week. I kinda like Kafka with throws under 25 yards, what we’ve seen so far with vince youn is that he has an uncanning ability to throw the ball to the other team which is why i’m nervous every time he touches the ball.

The crying Giants fan is hilarious and will be linked to New York Giants fans for history. If the New York Giants beat us this game, I might have to make a crybaby video like that guy.

Juan Castillo has made some adjustments on the defense both in personnel and schemes. Which will hopefully improve our run defense this time around. So it will be interesting to see how Eagles defense matches up this time to the Giants run game, especially since Bradshaw has been ruled out. We’ll have to keep our eye on Victor Cruz because he burned us last time twice.

I’ve said this before, mindset is everything to winning a football game. Seriously, look at Tebow and the Broncos. Is Tebow an elite qb? No, Dan Patrick put it well saying “He’s not a good quarterback, he’s a valuable quarterback.” In fact last week he only had 2 pass completions but still found a way to win the game. And This week he only had 9 completions for 104 yards, Sanchez had 24 completions for 252yard. Despite his poor numbers Tebow is able to find a way to motivate his team to win. This Broncos team is scrappy, That is what the Eagles need to do find a way to win despite their crappy performance! Play “inspired football” I’m ready for another Miracle at the Meadowlands so Let’s go Birds!

With the threat of Michael Vick and Jeremy Maclin being out means Eagles will have to look to the Run, as our passing game might look suspect. Last 20 minutes of this past game Lesean only touched ball twice, Need to give him more touches, especially in the 4th quarter when we have the lead. (slower) Lesean McCoy is our best player we need to get him the ball, he should have 30 touches a game.

Vince young has a lot to prove since all he’s been known for as an Eagle is coining that overused over hyped term the Dream Team and his 1pass that he threw for an interception. This week he’s been practicing with the one’s, despite his follies I want to see what he can really do, he’s been successful leading teams to victory in the past, this will be his time to shine I’m curious to see what he does with it. Alright VY this is probably your 1 shot to resurrect your NFL career, and it starts here against the Giants. Sunday night football prime time, under the big lights so let get it on!

I’ll admit i’m NERVOUS as hell, this is a do or DIE game! Eli is still overdue for a bad game and I’m hoping we see the other side of Eli this week. If Philly decides to compete and Vince steps up I see them taking down these VaGiants on Sunday.

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