Philadelphia Eagles Lose to New England Patriots: Ketchup Anyone?

Let’s be real, In the beginning of the season, this New England Patriots game was one I had seen us probably losing. But back then I thought we would have been going into this game with a much better record where we could afford a loss. I was really hoping that since the Philadelphia Eagles have their backs up against the wall that somehow they would magically play better and beat this very respectable New England Patriots Team, because Philadelphia Eagles have done that in the past. And in that first Philadelphia Eagles possession I really thought I was going to be in for that Magical win. Yes, “magical” Boy did that magic fade out quick! The Philadelphia Eagles got destroyed 38-20.

Eagles started out so hot and took a 10 point lead. Would someone explain to me why at that point they didn’t start using Lesean McCoy more? Our best player only had 10 touches this entire game. Well in Andy Reid’s press conference he explained that the New England Patriots run defense was their strength and he didn’t want to play into their strength. However the Philadelphia Eagles strength is the Run game, so why would you take that out of the equation. You can’t play scared this is football you go all in and show you’re opponent what you really got. The coaches had some horrible play calls this game, we’re any of you chanting “fire Andy” at the game. Ooh and Ricky Watters, I mean Todd Pinkston, I meanDesean Jackson’s alligator arms. *smh. A Top 5 receiver make those catches, a top 10 receiver makes those catches. Desean Jackson if you want that new contract….Earn it!

Like I mentioned in my last video, Tom Brady is like a well programmed machine – Robot. But Philadelphia Eagles defense started out aggressive and Tom Brady took a few hits, things were looking good. But we didn’t get any pressure on him after the 1st quarter. He even ran for some yards, something that Tom Brady is not known to do. Robot scramble…slow motion scramble….sliiiiide.

Philadelphia Eagles aren’t mathematically out of the playoff race yet, but they are getting pretty darn close? At this point we need some divine intervention… and who better to ask than Jesus Christ himself.

Ding dong- that must be him!


Dehlia: “Tim Tebow what are you doing here I thought Jesus was coming?”

Tim Tebow: “First and foremost, I need to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” Sorry he couldn’t make it. He’s taking a nap cuz he spent all his “miracle juice” on the Chargers game what a Special win and now he’s recovering. Good Ol J.C. he’s the best!”

Dehlia: “Ok, well I guess you are an expert on gameday miracles. So what can the Eagles do save their season?”

Tim Tebow: “Do you have tim tebow on your team, is your QB a virgin? Nope, can’t help you i’m a one man miracle machine. I can win games without even throwing the ball.”

Dehlia: “Come on Tebow, I know you have the secret. Eagles aren’t in your division so throw us a bone.”

Tim Tebow: “Alright, So let’s see you need Cowboys, Giants, Lions, Falcons, Bears to lose all their games the rest of the season, huh?”

Dehlia: “Yeah pretty much.”

Tim Tebow: “Praise Jesus! Ya’ll need more than a miracle you need tim tebow……but since u can’t get that here’s what you gotta do. Make a fist, take a knee and pray sweet baby Jesus will deliver you a win. Pray that he will shepherd you through the valley of the the shadow of death. Praise the one and only lord above!”

Dehlia: “Okay, I can do that. Is that it?”

Tim Tebow: “yup!”

Dehlia: “That’s pretty easy! Sounds too good to be true.”

Tim Tebow: “Yeah, and if that doesn’t work you can always just put laxative in the other team’s gatorade. Like I do. Because the seem to kick in during fourth quarter.”

Dehlia: “Thats cheating Eagles play fair!”

Tim Tebow: “Alright, there’s one last thing and you should only use it when u absolutely have too. This is a last resort I’ve only tried this once or twice…. you could actually play good football!”

Hmmm, alright Tim Tebow everybody!


Ugghh, it’s bad enough talking about the Philadelphia Eagles when they just roll over and die like this. And now thanks to a lost bet I have to drink a bunch of ketchup…ewww! Alright VegitoBlitz24 this for you, congrats on your win and Cheers!

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