Philadelphia Eagles Lose to Seattle Seahawks 31-14: Eagles Soap Opera/Congrats Niners

Song: “A tiny hole has sprung a leak in this cheap pontoon, now the hull has started growing weak and we’re gonna be sinking soon. Were gonna be sinking soon x2. Everybody hold your breath, because we’re gonna be sinking soon.” – Norah Jones “Sinkin’ Soon”

Well, I think that intro describes it all. Poor tackling, poor throwing, poor defense, poor everything. What’s really left to say? I was right about the game not being close, smh. So I will say congrats and give props to Dicer67 and wxpigpen. This season will go down as officially the most embarassing season in Philadelphia Eagles history, that I have personally witnessed. Now I know what Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, fans had felt like these past few years. Some of those teams went an entire season with 0 wins or only 1 win. I gotta give props to those fans, because now I understand what it’s like to unconditionally support a team that continually under performs. Also, I have to say Congrats to all the San Francisco 49ers fans, another team that’s suffered in previous years with losing records, they have now clinched their division this season. It takes a TRUE fan to stick with their team when their down, despite the Philadelphia Eagles horrible record I’ll still be here supporting them regardless. I am no fair-weather fan!

New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys both lost, and I can’t help to think how different things could have been if we would have just beaten the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks. It’s so frustrating to think about, that division title is up for grabs and we are just throwing away the season.

It so depressing! And of course Philly wants Andy Reid’s head on a plate. But I say one of the things that I respect most about Andy Reid, is he always has his players backs. Unfortunately they have not had his back this season. The off field antics and drama is such a sign of disrespect to him.

Let’s get into the Philadelphia Eagles Soap Opera for this week. The big story was Desean Jackson’s seemingly lack of effort in the Seattle Seahawks game and his frustrated remarks in his locker room interview. His facial expressions say it all:

Song: “Were gonna be sinking soon, were gonna be sinking soon. Everybody hold your breath, and down and down we go.” (Desean jackson interview clips)

What we love about football is that it evokes such a broad range of emotions. A football fan really comes alive when watching their teams. And us Philadelphia Eagles fans have been on one long roller coaster of a season. All I can do at this point is continue to cheer and hope for a win against Miami.

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