NFL Draft Day is Here! Who Will the Philadelphia Eagles Pick at #4?

Draft day is FINALLY here!! Man, seems like we’ve been waiting and speculating for so long. It’s been a while since my Eagles have had such a high pick, now we all want to know what Philly is going to do with the #4 pick. With this brand new coaching staff, we really don’t know what to expect.

I’m no draft expert, actually I’m far from it…I don’t follow college ball therefore it’s kind of hard for me to do hardcore analysis on these draft prospects. Instead I just look more at what the Eagles needs are and see who could potentially fill those gaps. The rumor mill has been going crazy, some people saying we’re gonna draft Dion Jordan, other people saying we are go with Geno Smith, and the more recent rumor is that Eagles are going to trade down. Well, of all the rumors going around I’m leaning towards the Dion Jordan theory. Through all the smoke screens, I just can’t see us giving up that 4th spot and I don’t see Luke Joeckel or Eric Fischer getting past the first 3 picks. I’ve said before, that I’d really like an OT like joeckel but that’s not gonna happen because our good ‘ol boy Andy Reid’s probly going to swoop him up.

If Joeckel or Fischer happen to be available we definitely take them. But more an likely they won’t be so I’m leaning on the Dion Jordan theory. Hmm, actually…maybe Lane Johnson or …man I don’t know trying to figure out what these top 3 teams are gonna pick is tough.  I just want to see how it all plays out, and hopefully my Eagles will pick up some guys that can make an impact right away. The fact that Tom Brady got drafted in the 6th round, 199th overall, just reaffirms that no one really knows what their doing and no one really knows what their getting in the NFL draft. Which is what kind of makes it fun, it’s like a lottery! Your gambling on players and hoping your team picks the winning ticket.

This year, I’m going to put my draft skills to the test using the DraftnIQ website which is a free game that will test my live Draft IQ. If you want to show off your skills just go to


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