Fandalz Giveaway: Pickem & Win!

Fandals Pickem & Win

As the long awaited 2013 NFL season kicks off, I am excited to announce the week 1 prize that will be awarded to one of my lucky subscribers.  During week 1, the football fan who proves to be the “Easy Pickem” expert will be winning a pair of Fandalz, the ultimate fan sandals.

The creators of Fandalz have designed a one of a kind sandal using the actual game ball material. After seeing these amazing sports themed sandals, why would you ever wear any other sandal with your game day gear?  Using true ball construction with a cloud step footbed, these are not your average sandals. Fandalz offers a one-of-a-kind style and with added comfort.

These sandals are more than stylish, they take your game-day outfit to the next level! Take a look at all the sport styles available on The “pigskin” football themed Fandalz are my personal favorite with the authentic football laces sewn right onto the footstrap. How cool is that!  To enter to win a FREE pair, read the details below.

Football Fandalz



1.  Download the Easy Pickem mobile app for Android or iPhone.

2.  Select the winners for all the NFL match-ups this week and save your picks.

3.  The person who gets the most picks correct will be crowned the Easy Pickem champion for the week and will earn the Fandalz prize.


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