X Gear 101 Giveaway!

X Gear 101

Alright football fans it’s time to go shopping! This week as the Philadelphia Eagles head to Denver to face the 3-0 Broncos, X Gear 101 will be hooking up a lucky fan with a brand new hat of their choice priced at $34.99 or less. After scoping out their website xgear101.com, I immediately fell in love with 2 hats. One is this vintage Philadelphia Eagles beanie:

X Gear 101


The second hat that I absolutely love is of one of my favorite childhood cartoons. Yup, get ready for a blast from the past with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cap! The added bonus is it comes in kelly green which means it will match all my Eagles gear 😉 Good luck to everyone competing this week, if it’s your first time here see below for full details of how to enter and win.

X Gear 101


1.  Download the Easy Pickem mobile app for Android or iPhone.

2.  Select the winners for all the NFL match-ups this week and save your picks.

3.  The person who gets the most picks correct will be crowned the Easy Pickem champion for the week and will earn the X Gear 101 prize.

X Gear 101

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