Beverage Bolo Giveaway!

Exciting news football fam, I’ve teamed up with Beverage Bolo for this week’s giveaway! Not only are they going to provide their amazing product to our Easy Pickem winner, they are also providing there unique Beverage Bolo’s for our Eagles at Raiders Tailgate for week 9!  Beverage Bolo’s are so necessary for any tailgate, because they provide you with a HANDS FREE DRINKING experience.  Just watch this video to get an idea of how Beverage Bolo will make your tailgate way more fun 😉

There are 2 ways you can earn yourself one of these awesome Beverage Bolo’s:

OPTION 1:  Download Easy Pickem Mobile on iPhone or Android, make your picks for all the NFL matchups this week. The person with the best picks, for this week, will earn a Beverage Bolo prize.

OPTION 2:  Join me and close to 100 NFL fans at the Eagles at Raiders Tailgate in Oakland, CA.  Beverage Bolo prizes will be given away at this event as well.  Join the Facebook event here to find out more details on when/where the tailgate will be

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