The Shack

****UNFORTUNATELY THIS BAR HAS CLOSED :(  Owner has moved back to Philly. ***


THE SHACK – 2518 Wilshire Blvd.  Santa Monica, CA  90408   (310) 449-1171

After graduating from college, I immediately wanted to move towards the beach.  I landed first in Mar Vista/Venice beach area.  During football season, I would constantly roam the local sports bars in my jerseys. Immediately, I was approached by random eagles fans regarding the Shack in Santa Monica (Not to be confused with the Shack in Playa Del Rey). Which happened to be known as one of the Biggest Eagles sports bars on the west side.  Of course I had to check this place out right away, and was astonished at how many eagles fans you could fit into one bar! Everyone’s wearing an Eagles jersey and they were all yelling at the screen just like me, haha.

Pat, one of the owners is very accommodating, but on game day make sure to get there early to get a good seat because they fill up quick.  The menu is typical bar options with a Philly twist, but they are best known for their “Shack Burger” which is a signature burger topped with a butterflied Louisiana Hot Link.  Now that’s a whole lotta meat!

If you are not an Eagles fan, or even worse, a fan of a division rival, do not come on game day wearing your team’s jersey.  Otherwise be prepared to be “boo-ed” out of the bar.  Trust me I’ve seen this happen, lol.  I love this place for game day and if your are an Eagles fan on the west coast, you definitely must make a visit here.

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